Wilfred Ndidi has conceded that “confidence has been low” at the camp of FC Leicester City, but the team has a “strategy” to improve.

The Leicester city players will not be happy with the fact that they presently sit at the bottom of the Premier League table, with just one point from their first six games.

Supporters and journalists alike are putting pressure on manager Brendan Rodgers, especially since the Leicester city vs Chelsea match that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Leicester lost that game even after Chelsea was a man down with an hour of football still remaining!

But Ndidi feels the group is very much united and the results haven’t affected them so far.

LCFC will take things one game at a time, he adds, beginning with this Saturday’s home game against Aston Villa at the King Power Stadium, a contest that might determine both managers’ fates. Ndidi spoke about the attitude in the camp and the plan for the future ahead of the game.

“To be honest, it (the start to the season) hasn’t been ourselves, like previous seasons,” Ndidi told BBC Radio Leicester. “The way we (usually) start the season, the way we just keep going.

“It’s not been what we really want. It’s obvious that we’ve not been ourselves, but the confidence has been low in those games. We’ll get there, to be honest. We’ll get there.”

When asked whether the squad are together, Ndidi said: “Of course. We know we’ve lost games and they’re not what we wanted, but we are still together. We know the fact we’ve got qualities in the team and know that we can still come up there (the table).

“There are many more games but the most important is the next game. We go for the next game, go for the other one, just to build confidence. That’s our plan: being together for each other and still keeping going.”

The City squad have their plan, but how do they go about achieving it? “It still boils down to us being together,” Ndidi said. “Knowing the fact that the confidence is a bit low, we’re trying to build the confidence. Being together really helps. Talking to each other, knowing our mistakes and knowing we have to improve on this and that.

“I think that alone – and most importantly, doing everything we can in training – those things transmit into games. We have to be together and look forward to what comes next.”